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2015 AMMI National Mediation Project Award

World Mediation Summit 2016

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About World Mediation Summit

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL, in cooperation with globally respected mediation related organizations brings together some of the brightest minds and forward thinking individuals, groups and associations from all corners of the world for

Each year we have a unique theme related to current trends in mediation, including both ADR and ODR.

The WMS 2016 will once again include panels, sole presentations as well as workshops (1-4 hours in duration). Presentations may be conducted in either English or Spanish.

  • Networking

    network with international experts

  • Participation

    Participate in expert round tables and presentations on a multitude of mediation related topics
  • Workshops

    Participate in interactive workshops delivered by some of the most respected mediation experts across the globe
  • Discussion

    Hear international ambassadors to Spain and diplomats discuss how mediation has impacted their countries and helped secure peace amongst their neighbours

What others say about us

Congratulations for the World Mediation Summit – Madrid-2014. Was a big effort for me to be there but worth it! Thank you for everything!

Marta Gonzales Quiroga Spain

It was great to have a chance to meet all of you – and the conversations and discussions both in the sessions and outside were great… so much to learn from so many people!

All the best everyone – and thanks to Kevin and the team of volunteers who made things run so smoothly

Ruth SirmanCanada

It was a great pleasure meeting everyone in Madrid. Thanks to Kevin, Daniel and their collaborators for this great event! I really enjoyed the conferences and talking to all of you!

Rocio De La CalleMadrid, SpainMax Mobilcom

The Theme for WMS 2016 is:

The Art Of Mediation: Designing Our Destiny.

For 2016, we are recognizing the importance of the emerging trends in Mediation across the globe including;

-Sports Mediation…national and international

-Geo-Political Disputes…International Ambassadors and diplomats

-Financial Mediation…banking, insurance, economy austerity conflicts

-Court related Mediation…the courts, judges, police, family and penal conflicts

-Technical Mediation…Industrial, electronic, engineering conflicts

-Medical Mediation…negligence, malpractice, family/patient matters

-Online Mediation…retail, e-Commerce, business to Consumer

and of course we will have advanced mediation workshops for everyone