AMMI Awards

Tonight, the

Asociación Madrileña de Mediadores (AMM)

is honouring Spanish mediators and organisations at their annual Gala.

The World Mediation Summit is proud to announce that the judges at AMM have selected our Summit for the National Mediation Project Award.

We are thrilled to have been selected for this prestigious  award.

The 2nd World Mediation Summit-Madrid 2015 brought together professionals, students, judges, ICAM, Procuradores, Auditores, Deans, MOJ, UN, UNDP, lawyers, mediators,foreign Ambassadors, Diplomats and many others to discuss and celebrate mediation.

We had the pleasure of witnessing incredible presentations such as:

Mediation: Justice or a gateway to an alternative justice

Mediators and lawyers working in-sync towards justice (synergy)

Successful strategies from around the world: what worked, and what did not work? What do we need to do to guarantee the future of mediation?

Experiences from the field

Cross border mediation, local and international

Is mediation an alternative or is it now mainstream? (Has it replaced the pillar of democracy, the justice system?

Rise of the Phoenix: A fusion of ADR and ODR

Emergence of Mediation through the ages

Success, challenges trials and tribulations related to the evolution of mediation throughout the globe.

Cross border, local and international

Successfully adding ADR and ODR to your current practice (law, mediation, psychological, etc)

Mediation and Diplomacy: Are they two sides of the same coin?

Presentations by international Ambassadors to Spain

Diplomatic presentations

International mediation presentations

International experts speaking to cross border local and international experiences in mediation

We were also treated to incredible interactive workshops from international and local experts.

Our focus has always been to help promote mediation here in Spain, throughout Europe and across the globe, so, receiving this award for our work is very encouraging and we are honoured by the AMM.







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