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Degree in Psychology at COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY OF MADRID, Master’s Degree in Behavioral Clinical Psychology at LURIA Psychology Center, Master’s Degree in Mediation, Negotiation and other ADR by CARLOS III UNIVERSITY, Degree of Expert in Mediation con Label of Excellence at COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY OF MADRID
Affiliate Scholar at the Center for Narrative and Conflict Resolution (Director: Sara Cobb) of GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY (Virginia, USA).
President of Instituto Motivacional Estratégico (Strategic Motivational Institute, IMOTIVA in Spanish). Mediation in the family environment and in Organizations, and Psychotherapy.
Editor (and Founder) of Revista de Mediación (Journal of Mediation), edited by CARLOS III UNIVERSITY, Psychologists’ Association of Madrid and Strategic Motivational Institute.
From 1998, Mediator in criminal cases of young offenders: Agency of the Region of Madrid for the Reeducation and Reintegration of Young Offenders.
Director (and Lecturer) of the course “Expert in Mediation and Conflict Resolution”, Member of the Editorial Board of “Revista Clínica Contemporánea” (Journal of Contemporary Clinic Psycology) and Member of the Mediation Institute’s Management Committee of the Psychologists’ Association of Madrid.
Regular professor in different postgraduate courses of Mediation and Psychotherapy at: CARLOS IIII UNIVERSITY OF MADRID, FRANCISCO DE VITORIA UNIVERSITY, COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY OF MADRID, Psychologists’ Association of Madrid, Social Workers’ Association of Madrid, Bar Association of Madrid, Architects’ Association of Madrid and Strategic Motivational Institute, among other.