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The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) is pleased to announce the release of its new European Mediation & ADR Guide. Developed under the leadership of CPR’s European Advisory Board (EAB), a highly experienced and distinguished group of sophisticated practitioners and users from Europe’s leading law firms and corporations, the guide is aimed at […]

Your Judgment May be Impairing You

Author: Lee Jay Berman Judgment is a tool that actually impairs a mediator. While it’s human nature to judge people as dangerous or not, the notion of good or bad is one that only makes us feel superior in our ability to pass judgment on them. As the quote says, it does nothing for us. […]


7 LAWS FOR LASTING LOVE What’s the secret for lasting love? In my 25 years of conflict resolution work, I have mostly dealt with armed actors, gang members and drug dealers. Working in places around the world where violent conflict happens has being a great laboratory to understand the most destructive patterns we humans are […]

3 questions to counter Anger

by Patricia Porter February 2016 Texas Conflict Coach Audio Blog by Pattie Porter It has been over a week since we experienced record-breaking snowfalls. Blizzard Jonas left a lasting mark as clean-up crews continue to plow and remove over 20 inches of snow from the streets of Baltimore City where I reside. Even as an adult, I […]

Tony Blair’s 10 Principles for International Conflict Resolution

Famous Negotiators: Tony Blair’s 10 Principles for International Conflict Resolution In his recent memoir, the former world leader highlights lessons from the peace process in Northern Ireland. One of the world’s most famous negotiators, Tony Blair, offers 10 principles to guide diplomats in international conflict resolution. Upon his election as Prime Minister of Great Britain […]

#4Steps: Getting Clear about Our Intentions

#4Steps: Getting Clear about Our Intentions DIANKILLIAN #2. Pre-Step: Getting Clear What gets in the way of speaking up? Usually it’s apprehension about how we’ll be heard. Will the other person be open to hearing our concerns? Or will they be  defensive and push back? Will they judge or blame us?  Will we get the desired […]

Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Negotiation: How to Launch More Productive Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Negotiation: How to Launch More Productive Cross-Cultural Negotiations How different cultural perspectives impact bargaining strategies at the negotiation table BY KEITH LUTZ , INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATION On February 28, 2014, Russian troops swarmed into Crimea following violent clashes between protesters and police in Kiev, Ukraine, and Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s abrupt departure […]

Mediation between police and citizens

Efforts to create a mediation program for disputes between Boston police and civilians stalled for more than a decade. By Jan Ransom GLOBE STAFF  JANUARY 25, 2016     The Boston Police Department has launched a mediation program aimed at reducing a backlog of routine complaints against officers — an idea first suggested a decade […]

The Words We Use

By Phyllis Pollack at PGP Mediation As a mediator, I have learned to choose my words carefully. The way I phrase something will make all the difference in the world between gaining someone’s trust and angering them. The importance of wording is brought home by Kenneth Cloke in his book, The Dance of Opposites (Goodmedia Press, […]