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When Conflict Resolvers Collide – How Do We Respond?

When Conflict Resolvers Collide – How Do We Respond? by Dan Berstein February 2017   The NYC-DR Listserv and the 2016 Election Shortly after the September 11th attacks, Dr. Maria Volpe of John Jay College created a listserv to connect dispute resolution stakeholders in New York City and beyond.  The NYC-DR online community has thousands of members […]

Interpreting body language, tone of voice, – Why it inhibits effective communication

Interpreting body language, tone of voice, the colours someone is wearing – and believing it!…. Why it inhibits effective communication (Or why, when we consider ‘interpreting body language’ to be a science, it creates assumptions and generalisations that lead to disconnection between us.) I was in a conversation the other day and noticed – some […]

The Right Way to Cry in Front of Your Boss

The Right Way to Cry in Front of Your Boss Crying at work can be more than embarrassing—it can hurt your career.Elizabeth Baily Wolf discusses a technique to reframe distress as passion. by Roberta Holland New research suggests that if you break out in tears in front of supervisors or colleagues, you have a chance to […]

Questioning Skills

Questioning Skills “This article is the BEST article on questioning I have ever read and I’d like, with your permission, to pass it along to our mediators.Your examples of both genuinely open and ‘not-so-open’ with explanations are very insightful.” ML – Canadian Govt. Agency See more of Your Comments about pages on this website. Effective […]

Conflict Negotiators Turn to Miss Universe

Conflict Negotiators Turn to Miss Universe Miss Universe Engages in Conflict Resolution Negotiations in Colombia BY ALEX GREEN — ON FEBRUARY 6TH, 2017 Opening offers lie at the heart of any successful negotiation. Here are four negotiation fundamentals that conflict negotiators should take to heart. Can a beauty queen lend a hand to help end half […]

Negotiation in Business: Coming Up with Win-Win Solutions at the Bargaining Table

Negotiation Topics in Business: Coming Up with Win-Win Solutions at the Bargaining Table Integrative negotiation and win-win negotiation strategies offer insights into business negotiation strategy BY PON STAFF — ON FEBRUARY 6TH, 2017 / BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS Comment Even those who effectively engage in an integrative negotiations or mutual-gains approach to negotiation, a bargaining scenario in […]

Margaret Shaw-obituary-so very sad

SHAW — Margaret. I am  sharing the very sad news that Margaret L. Shaw, passed away.  She will always be remembered as one of the leaders of the mediation field.  Margaret was a trailblazer who championed mediation first at Children’s Aid Society, then went on to start ADR Associates which she combined with JAMS in 2004. […]

Partner (MBBI) event coming soon-Don’t miss this!!!!!

Greetings Anna, Adapting Tools to Understand Change in Resolving Land Conflict: USAID SAFE’s Lessons Learned in Uganda, MBBI’s latest fundraising webinar, will present the key drivers for adapting approaches and tools to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of peacebuilding initiatives in complex conflict settings. Join Ian Morrison and Isaac Galiwango 20 February 2017 at 11:00 AM EST […]

Peacebuilder Spotlight: Cinnie Noble

Peacebuilder Spotlight: Cinnie Noble Cinnie Noble (CN), founder of CINERGY® Coaching, was interviewed by Lauren Atherton (LA), MBBI Writer on October 25th, 2016. Cinnie is a certified mediator (C.Med) and coach (PCC) who has studied and practiced a range of conflict management services for over 20 years. She has extensive experience as a conflict management practitioner […]


COLLABORATIVE LAW: The COLLABORATIVE LAW can be understood as a new form of exercise of the profession of Lawyer in which through agreements with the client the judicial route for the resolution of a conflict is excluded and it collaborates with the opposing party for the accomplishment of an agreement . Collaborative practice is widespread […]