Call for Participation in a Questionnaire on Dispute Resolution Clauses

Call for Participation in a Questionnaire on Dispute Resolution Clauses


There is a lack of clarity regarding the obligations that arise from dispute resolution agreements with a mediation/conciliation component. In order to reduce this uncertainty, a chapter of the BOF funded PhD research of Maryam Salehijam (supervisor: Professor Maud Piers) from the Transnational Law Center at the University of Ghent focuses on the question “What are the parties’ obligation under an ADR agreement?” To answer this question, the research is divided into two stages, the first stage involves a questionnaire that assesses the familiarity of legal professionals –including lawyers and third-party neutrals- in selected jurisdictions with dispute resolution clauses calling for non-binding ADR mechanisms such as mediation/conciliation. Moreover, the questionnaire provides willing participants with the opportunity to copy and paste a model or previously utilized dispute resolution clause. In the second stage, the clauses gathered as well as clauses extracted from other sources will becontent coded using the software NVivo in order to determine which obligations tend to be reoccurring in the majority of the clauses under analysis.


The questionnaire targets individuals who have experience with commercial dispute resolution. The participation in the short questionnaire will require minimum effort, as most questions only require a simple mouse-click. Please note that the information entered in the survey is kept anonymous unless indicated to the contrary by the participants. Moreover, as the analysis takes place on an aggregated level, the findings will not disclose personally identifiable information.  Accordingly, the information provided will only serve scientific purposes.


To complete the questionnaire, please click on the following link: (closing date 29th of April 2017).

If you wish to provide the model/previously used dispute resolution clauses without completing the questionnaire, please email Maryam Salehijam at

Thank you for taking this request into consideration.

Regarding the residence: I could not find photos thereof. Could you help me with getting a better overview of the accommodation.

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Maryam Salehijam

Maryam Salehijam (PhD Student)

European Private Law

Faculty of Law / Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid

University of Ghent / Universiteit Gent

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Tel. 0032 (0)9264 9152

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