Call for Presentations- 2017

Call for Presentations


The Tradition Continues – !!!! NEW VENUE !!!!

The Annual World Mediation Summit-Madrid (WMS) will continue our tradition of bringing together the most innovative minds in mediation as well as international thought provoking and forward thinking experts in the fields of ADR.

This is your opportunity to present your work and experience to our international community

The theme for the 2017 WMS is:

Mediation: The Future is Ours to Discover, A Collaborative Approach

The organizers of the World Mediation Summit recognize the importance of emerging trends in Mediation and other ADR fields across the globe and dedicate our Summits to providing distinct opportunities for international presentations.

1-International Mediation

Collaborative Law… the new certification process

-Immigration mediation…global issues

-Intercultural mediation…variations across the globe

-Geo-Political Disputes…International Ambassadors and diplomats

-Civil Mediation…courts, judges, family and organisational conflicts

-Medical Mediation…negligence, malpractice, family/patient matters

-Financial Mediation… banking, finance, economy, austerity conflicts

-Technical Mediation…construction, electronic, engineering conflicts

-Online Dispute Resolution-E commerce-retail-B2B-B2C

2-Mediation Related Fields

The WMS is also open to receiving presentations on ADR related fields where mediation plays a significant role, such as;

Med-Arb, arbitration, ombuds work, shuttle mediation, peace-building, small claims mediation, negotiation, diplomacy etc.

All submissions will be considered.

Submissions will be considered between October 1- January 31 each year. Accepted presentations will be responded to end of February.

All presentations are required to have an interactive/participatory component in order to be accepted.

The WMS will contiinue to include panels, sole presentations as well as workshops (1-4 hours in duration). Presentations may be conducted in either English or Spanish.

As the organizers of the Annual World Mediation Summit in Madrid, we commit to incorporate our delegates ideas and suggestions into this and future Summits.

World Mediation Summit 2017

The 2017 WMS focus will incorporate newer trends in mediation and its related fields. We will have international organizations, mediators and lawyers as well as international Ambassadors and Diplomats partaking in our Summit and sharing their experiences.

Workshops, panels and individual presentations will all be included.

Dates:           June 13-16, 2017

Venue:          Politecnica University, Madrid

C/. José Gutiérrez Abascal, 28006 Madrid.

Please visit our website and complete the Presentation submission form found under “The Summit” drop down tab on our home page.

Any inquiries may be directed to

  Kevin Brown

President, Mediation International

Executive, World Mediation Summit-Madrid

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