Mediation as a Symphony, Part 2

Last week I started a blog series related to transformative mediation and how I have added transformative elements into my mediation practice.

I posed the question: What do mediation, dog training, sailing, football and a symphony orchestra have in relation to transformative mediation and how I have added transformative elements into my mediation practice?

While this might seem like a very strange question at first glance, it is possible, that by learning more about mediation, particularly transformative mediation, we will be able to identify similarities and connections.

Ok, there are no dogs in the mediation room, nor is there an actual sailboat or professional football team, nor is there a symphonic orchestra ready to serenade us, (although anything is possible). There are however, similarities….. ALL are dependent, in some way, on relationships

Often, when I mention the word ‘relationship’ many people back away, mostly because this word has a lot of baggage attached to it. Bad or broken relationships between past partners, lovers or co-workers bring back unhappy memories. Here in this article, ‘relationship’ simply refers to an affiliation, network, alliance or exchange. This relationship may be dependent or independent. Relationships can easily occur between people, nature, objects, pets and the relationships can also be direct or indirect (more on this concept of direct and indirect relationships later).

If you have a problem with your family dog, (he barks too much, won’t sit or stay for you or always sleeps on your favourite chair), you have options. You could give up believing the dog will never learn or you could seek assistance from a professional dog trainer. Those people who choose to use a dog trainer soon come to realize that the trainer’s focus is not solely to train the dog. The trainer focuses on teaching you and the dog to begin understanding each other and to develop a relationship so that your dog would want to listen to you and respond to your commands. Once this relationship is developed, the problems disappear.

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