Mediation as a Symphony, Part 3

This is the third instalment in my weekly blog series. Please feel free to check out past blog entries to bring yourself up to date on my comments related to transformational mediation.

The question posed two weeks ago was: What do mediation, dog training, sailing, football and a symphony orchestra have in relation to transformative mediation and how I have added transformative elements into my mediation practice?

Here is this weeks update.

Ok, there are no dogs in the mediation room, nor is there an actual sailboat or professional football team, nor is there a symphonic orchestra ready to serenade us, (although anything is possible). There are however, similarities…ALL are dependent, in some way, on relationships

Sailing a boat is also about a relationship. This relationship is different since the relationship is between the sailor, the boat and the sea. If you have a problem with your boat (you keep flipping it over again and again), it eventually becomes clear that you don’t fully understand how the sails work with the wind and waves. You have the option of dropping your sails, turning on the engine and motoring around the lake, yet most sailors wouldn’t consider this to be sailing. Alternatively you could find someone who would help you gain a better understanding of how the sails react to the wind and waves. Once you figure this out, you gain a greater understanding and you can all work together, allowing you to keep your boat upright and sailing in the direction you want to go.

On a boat, once you realize how moving your sails in one direction will move your boat in a particular direction, either into the wind or away from it, your ‘relationship’ with your boat and your respect for her, the wind and water will greatly improve making you a much better (and drier) sailor, which, after all, is what you wanted in the first place. Had you focused solely on the one problem (flipping the boat) you would not be looking at the bigger picture of how necessary it is for all elements to work together in order to attain success.

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