Mediation as a Symphony, Part 4

This is the fourth instalment in my weekly blog series. Please feel free to check out past blog entries to bring yourself up to date on my comments related to transformational mediation.

The question posed three weeks ago was: What do mediation, dog training, sailing, football and a symphony orchestra have in relation to transformative mediation and how I have added transformative elements into my mediation practice?

Here is this weeks update.

Ok, there are no dogs in the mediation room, nor is there an actual sailboat or professional football team, nor is there a symphonic orchestra ready to serenade us, (although anything is possible). There are however, similarities….. ALL are dependent, in some way, on relationships.

I think my football example is the simplest. One can read books about moving the ball downfield and practice for years and years perfecting your skill. The problems begin when there are conflicts between the players or there is a new player who isn’t in-sync with the rest of the team either on or off the field. The relationships between the trainers, captain and teammates is imperative. Working together, in-sync, knowing at all times where your teammates are as well as their capabilities will win games. Being able to anticipate your teammate’s next move is what the game is all about. How many times have we seen a strong football player transfer to another team because of interpersonal conflicts? Too many. These events could have been resolved had the players concentrated on working together instead of focusing on the interpersonal problems. Had a mediator been involved, the team might not have lost a very valuable player.

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