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WMS 2016

“The World Mediation Summit is a wonderful event to meet mediators from all over the world and to learn about different views on mediation”.

Dr. Volker HesseIEMBA VIVA Sports Law - Consulting Switzerland


Thank you for organising the WMS in Madrid. I have definitely benefited from such informative workshops and participants with extensive backgrounds in mediation. A lot of the material presented was new and useful.

Rozana AL Tayyar Mediator & Conflict Consultant The Mediation Gateway Saudi Arabia

Dear Kevin, I aprreciate so much your invitation to WMS. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot of new things and to meet such interesting people!!

Gema Murciano Sepin Media Spain

“Once again, the Complutense University opened its doors and WMS gave us the opportunity to speak in many languages and one language, the mediator dialogue. We talk, we build, we grew and we added more ways to understand our work . we looked with new eyes on our doubts and uncertainties and we are still left many questions … which arise from wanting to do better at what we do and also those that arise when learning is a life task, because the people who dedicate our work deserve no less. A big hug and until the next meeting.

Leticia García Villaluenga Dir. Master in Mediation and IMEDIA, UCM. Spain

Kevin, Congratulations on the World Mediation Summit

It was great, I enjoyed meeting so many amazing mediators from everywhere, and sharing experience about mediation

Thanks for making it possible!!

Beatriz Rodríguez de la Flor de Marcos Directora Gerente - Managing Director Mediador Civil y Mercantil - Coach Ejecutivo Spain

“I would like to thank you for the best mediation summit that I have ever been in… and to tell you that I learned a lot about mediation in other countries…”

Adham IraqiLawyer Israel

To follow up from the last day of the conference I just wanted to say thank you so much for including me as a presenter in the event this year, and also acknowledge what a great experience it was to learn and interact with other members of the international mediation community at the conference.

Noah SteinMediator USA

Hello Kevin

On my return to Israel I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be involved in your very

Creative initiative, to form an international professional platform for international mediators. The WMS 2016 results are positive.

The support of IMI  was very important and great to have at the WMS

David SilveraADR neutral Israel

WMS 2015


WMS 2014

This was awesome!

RobHead of Rob inc.

Awesome summit for awesome summit goers.

KevinHead of this stuff

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