World Mediation Summit NEW BOOK PUBLISHED

Experiences from Spain and around the world

Coordinator: Brown, Kevin

Coordinator: Rayon, Maria Concepcion



ISBN: 9788484811817
Publisher: Editorial Complutense University
Date of publication: 2016
Place of publication: Madrid. Spain
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 23 cm
No. Page .: 235
Languages: Spanish-English


Pvp. € 41.60

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Principio del formulario

Final del formulario

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario


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Book Summary

This book has been produced by a group of mediation experts from around the world who have participated in the World Mediation Summit (WMS). The authors offer a variety of opinions regarding mediation and how it evolves in their respective countries as part of their life, work and different legal systems.
Are you interested in mediation?
Has mediation evolved or is it still in its infancy in your part of the world?
Do you want to break down existing barriers and promote mediation?
Do you need help to overcome the challenges facing mediation in your country?
Would you like to know how other countries have overcome these challenges?

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